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Twitter Tip: Learn by Doing

Though I would argue that Twitter is no longer a newborn, there’s no doubt that it’s still making a name for itself in the social media world. I hear more and more people talking about it and coming around to the power of linking up with industry experts for resource sharing. As people learn about the success and enjoyment that I find through Twitter, they want to know how to get involved. What is it all about? How do they master it?

My tip for today is to try it out. Jump on and be overwhelmed by the chaos that comes with a first look at a Twitter stream. Read and investigate. Try something and see if it fails. Take the leap of faith and send your first tweet.

Then, take a look at what you’re not getting out of the experience.

Want more followers? Engage.
Want to be on Twitter lists? Tweet relevant content.
Want business? Show your expertise.
What celeb status? Well, I’m not sure I can help with that.

The point is that while I’m happy to walk through Twitter with newbies, there are so many components of it that can’t be taught. Finding use in it comes from an open mind and time spent making “mistakes” – doing things that get no results so that you see what WILL get results.

For those of you who use Twitter regularly, please let me know what you did to figure it all out. Most of us weren’t taught, but I bet there are a ton of tips that we can come up with to help those new to our community. What have you gotten from using Twitter? What have you given? How did you learn?

Liz King

As the owner of Liz King Events, a social media integrated events company, Liz writes on topics ranging from events to social media to business development. In 2010, she won the awards for Most Thought Provoking Blog and People's Choice Blog in the #Eventprofs blog awards. Visit Website | Connect on Twitter

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