Event Recap


Networking Event of the Year!

On September 4, 2012 we hosted what is in my opinion, the best #MESmixer ever! I’ve really never had an experience quite like this. Just goes to show what happens when you work with PROS. Below you’ll find a list of the super team assembled by Evoke as well as a photo and video recap. Click any image below to see the full gallery.

Photo Recap of Networking Event

The entire event was captured by Dominique Fierro and PixelMe Studios.  Check out their awesome photos below and click any image to browse the full gallery!

Epic Video Recap by Thomas Bowen Films

Did you attend the event? How do you think it stacked up to previous mixers?

Max Major

Max Major is the founder of Metro Event Specialists and a professional magician in Washington, DC. He performs his award-winning magic for corporate functions, private parties, and special events.

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