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DC State of Innovation

DC State of Innovation Conference

Thursday, June 26th, In the Capital presented a State of Innovation conference at Arena Stage.  Bringing together business leaders from various industries, they offered in-depth discussions to create and grow the entrepreneurial landscape in DC. Phrases such as fostering disruption, economic climate, and innovative ecosystem were often heard throughout the panels.

The morning began with a networking breakfast by RSVP Catering with sponsors LMO Advertising, Hailo, and Digital DC. Former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty opened the morning with a keynote discussion focusing on digital government and the rise of civic technology. He spoke about how the DC ecosystem is unique and referenced Marc Andreessen’s Wall Street Journal op-ed “Why Software is Eating the World.”

Fenty also discussed opportunities within government and how developments in open government build trust and engagement through financial transparency and accountability. When asked to compare DC to Silicone Valley, he explained his experience has been that in Silicone Valley there is not such an obsession with early revenue and failure is encouraged as a learning tool.

The conference then broke out into groups on the State of Innovation in Policy, Education, Marketing and Advertising, Venture Capital, and Healthcare. The biggest challenge was deciding which talks to attend. I was privileged to meet several of the panelists and look forward to more in this series supporting the vision of DC becoming the Tech Hub for the East Coast.

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